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Coming to Chicago November 14-15, 2020

Come Learn to Build the Four Pillars of Practice Success

(Compliance - Conversion - Retention - Referrals)

by implementing and mastering:

· Faster, More Thorough, More Evidence-Based Exams and Assessments

· Better, More Efficient, More Convincing Reports

· Evidence-Based, Individualized Care Plans Based on Exam Findings

· Better, More Effective Communication and Education


Let's face it, having to perpetually build your practice is EXHAUSTING and UNSATISFYING.

Your biggest issue is NOT too few new patients - it is too few retained, referring patients.




Dr. James L. Chestnut
B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.

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Spinal Health Assessment

The Evidence-Based Chiropractic Protocols Spinal Health Assessment (SHA) is the first spinal health assessment that allows the valid and reliable detection and severity rating of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) or segmental joint dysfunction. Using the peer-reviewed diagnostic criteria for VSC or segmental joint dysfunction (restricted segmental motion, segmental muscle hypertonicity, and segmental joint and muscle allodynia) we have created the first valid, evidence-based, standardized assessment protocol to assess both the presence and severity of VSC.


Health Risk Assessment

The Evidence-Based Lifestyles Protocols Health Risk Assessment is the first health measurement that assesses Allostatic Load (adaptive physiological status), Lifestyle Stressor Load, and Physical and Psychosocial Quality of Life and then analyzes and combines this data into a single and direct rating of current and predicted future wellness and prevention - the Wellness and Prevention Index.


90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan

The Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well™ 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan is revolutionary and uniquely effective. It is the first program in history matched to the human genome-determined lifestyle choice requirements for the genetic expression of health and the prevention of illness. The Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan combines all aspects of lifestyle into one comprehensive program that teaches you not just what you need to do, but how to develop the self-control you need to get yourself to consistently do it.


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The most easily understood, evidence-based, undeniable argument ever put forward regarding the indisputable facts that:

1. The era of diagnosing and treating the effects (symptoms, risk factors) of diagnosed chronic illness with drugs as the only offered solution has never worked, will never work, costs millions of lives, costs trillions of dollars, is destroying healthcare, and must come to an end.

2. A new evidence-based era of addressing the causes of chronic illness (chronic lifestyle and environmental stressors) will save millions of lives, will save trillions of dollars, will save healthcare, and must come to a start.

New Accompanying Products:

The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm Audio Presentation
The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm Workshop Presentation

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  • Innate Choice
  • Omega Sufficiency
  • Probiotic Sufficiency
March 27-28
Rose Bowl Pasadena, California
Concussion Roulette – Register at https://www.concussionroulette.org/
April 24-25
Life Vision – Register at http://www.lifevisionseminars.com/event/life-vision-canada-april-24-25-2020/  
May 2
Marietta, G.A.
Life University Campus - Adjustment Centric, Wellness Focused and Evidence-Based: 21st Century Chiropractic – Register Here
June 12-13
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Lectures - Adjustment Centric, Wellness Focused and Evidence-Based: 21st Century Chiropractic - Register at https://www.chiropracticlectures.com/  
August 27-29
Orlando, FLA
FCA National  
September 18
Davenport, IA
Palmer College Homecoming and 125th Anniversary Celebration
October 24-25
Colorado Chiropractic Association – register at https://coloradochiropractic.ce21.com/item/2020CCA
November 14-15
Chicago, IL
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