The Complete Evidence-Based System of Assessments, Reports, and Education

For the Busy, Self-sustaining, Satisfying Practice You Deserve.

Coming to Chicago Nov 16, 2019



Come Learn to Build the Four Pillars of Practice Success

(Compliance - Conversion - Retention - Referrals)

by implementing and mastering:

· Faster, More Thorough, More Evidence-Based Exams and Assessments

· Better, More Efficient, More Convincing Reports

· Evidence-Based, Individualized Care Plans Based on Exam Findings

· Better, More Effective Communication and Education


Let's face it, having to perpetually build your practice is EXHAUSTING and UNSATISFYING.

Your biggest issue is NOT too few new patients - it is too few retained, referring patients.

How many patients who still need and would benefit from your care are no longer under your care?

What percentage of your patients are retained by converting to evidence-based maintenance care? Are you even aware of the evidence of benefit for maintenance care? Are your patients?

How many of these patients would have better spinal and overall health if they had complied with your original acute care plan then converted to an evidence-based maintenance care plan?

Do you receive enough internal referrals to create the practice volume you want?

Isn’t it time to learn and implement a system to build the practice you and your patients want, enjoy, and are proud of?

You simply cannot build the practice you want - a self-sustaining practice filled with patients who comply, benefit, and refer, without a proper system of clinical excellence for doctor and staff that includes:

Efficient, evidence-based spinal health assessments/exams

Powerful, evidence-based, spinal health reports and care plans

Delivery of excellent, compassionate care and communication

Inspiring and motivating education and advice

Come learn how to systematically and steadily use the practice you have as the foundation for the self-sustaining, satisfying, profitable practice YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS WANT!


Event location Information

Hyatt Regency O'Hare
9300 Brynn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont Ill, 60018


Room Block Rate = $149 per night
Block = The Wellness Practice

Time and Date

Saturday November 16 2019: 8 am - 5 pm

Sunday November 17 2019 ( FREE MASTERMIND FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS/AFFILIATES) : 8 am - 1 pm

CE Hours

CE credits will not be offered for this course.




We have doubled our practice due to doubling of compliance with our recommendations, not simply due to doubling the amount of care we recommend. Patients are compliant enough to see documented improvements! This evidence based Patient Outcome Protocols gave us the tools we needed, and the confidence to deliver the most amazing comprehensive reports and care plans to our patients.
Toni - Chiropractic Assistant - Australia

I think your protocols are an awesome tool to gain certainty and actually measure functional improvements of a patient, and allow the patient to actually see improvements, as opposed to just being told they are getting benefit. This makes patient care actually patient centric.
Dr. Matthew - Australia

I think it is a great testament to the fact that this system really does work and without any special “salesmanship” on the part of the doctor. It allows the patient to see and decide for themselves that they are in the right place.
I am glad to attest to the effectiveness of the systems. I feel more excited and useful to my patients then I have in years - ever actually!

Dr. Brett - Canada


Thank you for coming down to Australia. The seminar and new understanding of what to adjust has made a phenomenal difference in practice and surprisingly made my exams and reports a lot quicker with higher certainty. This system is just what I've been looking for.
Dr J.T. - Chiropractor, after Sydney seminar June 2017

My family enjoyed the seminar. The effect was profound, my son has even talked about changing to Chiropractic College (he loves being in a tribe) and my daughter who still does not know what she wants to do has hinted she may consider the profession. Thank you.
Dr. G.P. - Chiropractor, after Sydney seminar June 2017

Thank you so much! We're doing well with the program and excited to continue. Our patients are happy for the addition of lifestyle education and access to all that great information. It is what I have been waiting for. I am looking forward to doing re-exams on all my current patients so that they too can benefit from the program. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Chestnut's years of service to chiropractic and for his efforts to bring this systematic approach to chiropractors.
Dr. N. C. - Chiropractor, after Vancouver seminar February 2017

I did eleven exams yesterday, and as tired as I am today, I'm also very excited about the program. I saw the lights go on in peoples' eyes. I saw excitement for what was to come at their report, and a much better understanding of subluxation. Thank you for your efforts.
Dr. N. C. - Chiropractor, after Vancouver seminar February 2017  

Congratulations on the Evidence-Based Patient Outcome Protocols seminar! I was one of the attendees at the Chicago seminar and was really blown away. I'm so thankful that you are doing this. I don't know where I'd be without you!
Dr. G. L.; after Chicago seminar November 2015

You all did an incredible job last week-end in Chicago. I look forward to the material and can see the wide range of benefits, in practice, in education, in politics, and in the REVOLUTION in health care this world so desperately needs.
Dr. J.M.; after Chicago seminar November 2015

Thank you again for a wonderful seminar! Lots of great information and paradigm shift in the way I think about chiropractic.
Dr. S.K.; after Chicago seminar November 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this weekend. I had gotten very exhausted in my practice and was "spent". I had lost my drive and spirit to treat patients. The weekend was a great "spa day" for me chiropractically. You put on a great seminar and for that I thank you. I always come away from your seminars refreshed and proud to be a chiropractor. You bring forth impeccable integrity and great knowledge which is refreshing in our profession. Thanks again for giving me the strength and spirit to continue to care for my patients.
Dr. M.B.; after Chicago seminar November 2015

Just arrived home from your Sydney seminar and want to say how much I enjoyed the weekend. Lots of great information, lots of heads up for me, and looking forward to the next 5-6 weeks of learning.
Dr T. H.; after Sydney seminar November 2015

Thank you for an awesome weekend in Sydney. I have been attending your seminars for the past few years and always leave inspired and proud of my profession. Thank you for all you do. The content from the weekend was amazing and so exciting for the profession. My team are very inspired to get into things.
Dr. E.S.; after Sydney seminar November 2015

Just wanted to share how much we enjoyed the recent seminar in Sydney.

As you are aware we went home after last year's seminar and introduced the SHA and the HRA into our practice and have had the most amazing year! We have doubled our numbers, and rebooted the passion! Sarah was so inspired, she had lost her way and was at a crossroad.

These Evidence-Based Protocols gave Sarah the tools she needed, and the confidence, to deliver the most amazing comprehensive reports and care plans to her patients. Just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for reigniting her flame.

We have been paying it forward.... Today we invited another local Chiropractor and his CA who had attended the seminar to our practice to show them how easy it will be for them to introduce SHA and HRA etc. Sarah did a SHA on him and went through the exam side of it and I showed the CA how simple the program is to use and we shared some suggestions on how they could get started.

Thanks for always being so inspiring and helping us to do an awesome job at changing lives.
Toni, Caring Hands Chiropractic; after Sydney seminar November 2015