Clinical Excellence + Documented Patient Outcomes = Ethical Practice Success

May 6-7, 2017 in Chicago

Registrants will also receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Chestnut's latest book 'Live Right for Your Species Type™' and an accompanying presentation. Total Value $349

We define ethical practice success as the exchange of evidence-based care that elicits documented patient outcomes for a fair fee. We believe that every chiropractor and every chiropractic patient benefits from this ethical model. Numbers of patients does not define ethical practice success. Numbers of patients receiving value in the form of documented health outcomes does. If you agree, if you want to learn how to use the most evidence-based interventions to get the best possible documented patient outcomes and use this as the foundation of self-sustaining ethical practice success then we would love the opportunity to show you the turn key systems we have created to accomplish this. It is unprecedented and extraordinary.


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A Self Sustaining Evidence-Based Practice full of Satisfied Patients that Comply, Benefit, and Refer.


You have less compliance with your recommendations than is needed to maximize patient outcomes, less ability to document patient outcomes, and less ability to communicate the evidence and need for chiropractic care, than you want and need. Further, your patients do not maintain their health the way you or they want, and you have fewer referrals than you want. Far too much of your energy, time, and resources are spent on the perpetual need to get more new patients from external marketing and trying to address the inability to get patients to follow your recommendations and to elicit the health outcomes both you and your patients want and value. You don't have a self-sustaining, internal referral practice - you are forced into perpetually building a practice.


You will NEVER build the practice you and your patients want by simply focusing on getting more new patients or increasing care frequency. The ONLY way to build the practice you and your patients want is with clinical excellence and documented patient outcomes - you must provide, document, and communicate the value of your care.

  • Patients stay and refer for what they value.
  • Patients don't value your care; they value the health and quality of life outcomes they receive from your care.
  • VALUE is the foundation of compliance, conversion, retention, and referrals.
  • VALUE is the foundation of Self-Sustaining Ethical Practice Success.
  • VALUE is determined by Clinical Excellence (delivered and documented health and quality of life outcomes)

We have created the clinical protocols and practice systems you need to Deliver and Document VALUE.

1. A valid, efficient, effective way to assess, document, and report patient spinal and overall health status before your care. (Value Proposition)
2. An evidence-based intervention protocol that allows you to produce extraordinary spinal and overall health outcomes. (Value Production)
3. A valid, efficient, effective way to assess, document, and report the spinal and overall health outcomes from your care. (Value Proof)

Clinical Excellence (Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention)

Documented and Reported Extraordinary Spinal and Overall Health and
Quality of Life Outcomes (SHA and HRA)

Earned Compliance, Conversion, Retention, and Referrals

Self-Sustaining Ethical Practice Success

Learn how to build the practice you want without giving up the practice you have!!

We have spent over 25 years researching, documenting, and teaching evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle protocols. We have spent a decade researching and developing valid ways to assess, document, and report the spinal and overall health, wellness, prevention, and performance outcomes that evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle interventions elicit. We have spent the last five years developing the most evidence-based protocols to achieve ethical practice success. We have spent the last year creating a highly efficient system to implement these protocols. We have finally successfully married science, ethics, clinical excellence, and practice success into a unified practice system. The results have been extraordinary and unprecedented.

Continuing Education Hours

We have been approved for 12 hours of CEU credits from the following states: MN, MO, ND and WV.

We have applied for and are awaiting approval of 12 CEU hours for the following states: SD.

The following chiropractic state boards allow CEU hours from seminars sponsored by CCE accredited chiropractic colleges meeting the appropriate standards: CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, MD, MI, MS, MT, NE, OH (out of state only - OH Board-Approved CE Sponsor), OR, RI, SC, UT, VA, VT, WA, WY. This seminar is sponsored by Cleveland University - a CCE accredited chiropractic college.

If your state is not listed above, please contact us for more information. Many states have deadlines for submission for CEU approval so do not delay.

In all cases, Doctors must confirm their continuing education requirements and approval status with their state(s).

Event location Information

Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel
8500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631


Room Block Rate = $149 per night
Block = The Wellness Practice May 2017

Dates: May 6-7, 2017
Time: Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Sun 8 am - 1 pm

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We have doubled our practice due to doubling of compliance with our recommendations, not simply due to doubling the amount of care we recommend. Patients are compliant enough to see documented improvements! This evidence based Patient Outcome Protocols gave us the tools we needed, and the confidence to deliver the most amazing comprehensive reports and care plans to our patients.
Toni - Chiropractic Assistant - Australia

I think your protocols are an awesome tool to gain certainty and actually measure functional improvements of a patient, and allow the patient to actually see improvements, as opposed to just being told they are getting benefit. This makes patient care actually patient centric.
Dr. Matthew - Australia

I think it is a great testament to the fact that this system really does work and without any special “salesmanship” on the part of the doctor. It allows the patient to see and decide for themselves that they are in the right place.
I am glad to attest to the effectiveness of the systems. I feel more excited and useful to my patients then I have in years - ever actually!

Dr. Brett - Canada


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Dr. Chestnut for this weekend. I had gotten very exhausted in my practice and was "spent". I had lost my drive and spirit to treat patients.

The weekend was a great "spa day" for me chiropractically. You put on a great seminar and took great care in all the details including feeding us well. I know it was a great hurdle to bring that to fruition, and for that I thank you.

I always come away from your lectures refreshed and proud to be a chiropractor. You both bring forth impeccable integrity and great knowledge which is refreshing in our profession.

Thanks again for giving me the strength and spirit to continue to care for my patients.
Dr. M.B.; after Chicago Nov. 2015


You all did an incredible job last week-end in Chicago. I know getting it “pulled off” was heroic. Getting it thought out and assembled was light years more. Let Dr. Chestnut know that.

I look forward to the material and can see the wide range of benefits, in practice, in education, in politics, and in the REVOLUTION in health care this world so desperately needs.
Dr. J.M.; after Chicago Nov. 2015


Thank you again for a wonderful seminar!!!

Lots of great information and paradigm shift in the way I think about chiropractic.

Dr. S.K.; after Chicago Nov. 2015


I LOVE practice again! I hated going to work, I wanted to quit, I was seriously struggling and doing my VERY best to give my patients the best possible resources and the reason I was struggling was because I didn't feel like I could give patients the care they needed each day, and have the resources they needed to change their lives, yet I needed to "grow" because we needed to financially support the clinic. Since the weekend I LOVE coming to work. I get up earlier; I go to work earlier; I am happy! I have always worked my hardest to give my very best but I needed something like this to provide it and I wasn't willing to ADD more patents to this system I knew was not working. I love how it is already impacting my team, my patients and my own life.

(I am literally crying while I write this) Thank you!!!!! for saving my practice, for helping me fall in LOVE with chiropractic again, and for most of all helping me give my patients the care they deserve, because I wasn't willing to go on any further because I didn't have what I have now.
Dr. Molly Bird; after Chicago Nov. 2015


Congratulations on your continued success with the Evidence-Based Patient Outcome Protocols seminar! I was one of the attendants at the Chicago seminar and was really blown away. I'm so thankful that you and Dr. Chestnut are doing this. I don't know where I'd be without you guys!

Dr. G. L.; after Chicago Nov. 2015


Just arrived home from your Sydney seminar and want to say how much I enjoyed the weekend. Lots of great information, lots of heads up for me, and looking forward to the next 5-6 weeks of learning.
Dr T. H.; after Sydney seminar Nov. 2015


Thank you for an awesome weekend in Sydney.  I have been attending your seminars for the past few years and always leave inspired and proud of my profession.

Thank you for all you do. The content from the weekend was amazing and so exciting for the profession.

My team are very inspired to get into things.
Dr. E.S.; after Sydney seminar Nov. 2015


Just wanted to share how much we enjoyed the recent seminar in Sydney.

As you are aware we went home after the 2014 seminar and introduced the SHA and the HRA into our practice and have had the most amazing year! We have doubled our numbers, and rebooted the passion! Sarah was so inspired, she had lost her way and was at a crossroad.

This evidence based Wellness and Prevention Protocols gave Sarah the tools she needed, and the confidence to deliver the most amazing comprehensive reports and care plans to her patients. Just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for reigniting her flame. Hope we inspired some people to try on the weekend at the seminar.
We have been paying it forward.... Today we invited another local Chiropractor who had attended the seminar and his CA to our practice to show them how easy it will be for them to introduce SHA and HRA etc. Sarah did a SHA on him and went through the exam side of it and I showed the CA how simple the program is to use and we shared some suggestions on how they could get started.

Thanks for always being so inspiring and helping us to do an awesome job at changing lives.

Toni, Caring Hands Chiropractic; after Sydney seminar Nov. 2015