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The most easily understood, evidence-based, undeniable argument ever put forward regarding the indisputable facts that:

1. The era of diagnosing and treating the effects (symptoms, risk factors) of diagnosed chronic illness with drugs as the only offered solution has never worked, will never work, costs millions of lives, costs trillions of dollars, is destroying healthcare, and must come to an end.

2. A new evidence-based era of addressing the causes of chronic illness (chronic lifestyle and environmental stressors) will save millions of lives, will save trillions of dollars, will save healthcare, and must come to a start.

New Accompanying Products:

The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm Audio Presentation
The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm Workshop Presentation

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Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well® Presentation Collection

Your health is the direct manifestation of how you choose to eat, move, and think.

In order to be well, you must eat well, move well, and think well.

  • Educate and Inspire Patients towards Wellness
  • Be an expert in Health and Wellness
  • Great for Patient Talks and Public Talks
  • The Science of Optimal Health and Wellness
  • PC & Mac Compatible - Delivered on USB storage device
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Movement and Health: Chiropractic Explained / Wellness Paradigm Talk Presentation Collection / Chiropractic, Omega-3, & Vitamin D:
The World's Most Evidence-Based Spinal Wellness & Prevention Protocol

These are the presentations Dr. Chestnut has been giving at his seminars and on his CDs! These presentations will literally change the way chiropractic and wellness are understood and respected by both patients and prospective patients.

Everything is scientifically accurate and well referenced. You get enough powerpoint images for any talk to any audience. Lots of great information for the laypublic and other professionals alike. You can pick any of the images and create your own talks or use the talks that have been provided. Welcome to 21st Century Health Care!!

These talks will clearly define you as the evidence-based wellness expert wherever you present them.

Great for attracting new patients and/or educating current patients. Get ready for improved patient compliance, improved patient outcomes, and improved patient satisfaction.

Click Here to View the Wellness and Prevention Paradigm Workshop Excerpt
Movement and Health: Chiropractic Explained Presentation Exerpt
Chiropractic, Omega-3, & Vitamin D: The World's Most Evidence-Based Spinal Wellness & Prevention Protocol

*PC Only - Mac users must run the presentations in Windows or Parallels Desktop

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The Innate Book Collection with
Bonus Audio CD

The entire Innate library in one collection:

  • The 14 Foundational Premises™
  • Innate Physical Fitness™ & Spinal Hygiene
  • The Innate Diet™ & Natural Hygiene
  • The Innate Stateof Mind™ & Emotional Hygiene
  • Bonus Audio CD
$300.00 US
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CD Collection

Hear Dr. Chestnut presenting The Wellness practice materials to doctors, patients, and the public. These amazing audio presentations will provide you with a wealth of knowledge for you and your patients. Every chiropractor on the planet should hear this information. It is life changing.

  • Genetics, Lifestyle and Health 2-CD set
  • The Science of Wellness 2-CD set
  • Dr. Chestnut Wellness Interviews CD
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$117.00 US
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