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The 14 Foundational Premises®

  • Defining the paradigm of wellness and comparing and contrasting the wellness and allopathic paradigms with respect to research, patient analysis, and clinical intervention.
  • The structural and neurophysiological (dysafferentation) effects of the subluxation complex in relation to adaptive (stress) physiology and illness.
  • The structural and neurophysiological effects of the chiropractic adjustment and proper spinal motion and alignment in relation to homeostasis and health.
  • Review of scientific evidence showing the health promoting and illness preventing benefits chiropractic and proper spinal motion.
  • Implementing wellness into your practice.


"As I gathered the research for this book so that I could share the wonderful validating experience I had with others I realized that much of our research was being aimed in the wrong direction. Chiropractic got trapped asking the wrong questions. We have been asking allopathic questions regarding which diseases or symptoms chiropractic can alleviate instead of what I see as the fundamental chiropractic questions... The goal of my research and this book is to answer these questions (and stimulate research to investigate these questions) so that we have a bullet proof scientific and philosophical validation of chiropractic."

Dr. James L. Chestnut
B.Ed. M.Sc. D.C. C.C.W.P.

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