The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm Audio Presentation

Dr Chestnut presents the concepts and principles behind his book, The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm to a live audience at the Palmer conference in 2011.

This audio track is almost 2 hours long and will enhance the information in the book for those who have already read The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm and provide a good outline of the The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm for those who have not.

Please note - the audio is in the mp3 format and may not play on all cd players.

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Eat Well Move Well Think Well® - Public Health Talk DVD


The Truth About Genes: Dr James Chestnut and Dr Bruce Lipton Discuss Genetics, Lifestyle and Wellness CD

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CD Collection

Hear Dr. Chestnut presenting The Wellness practice materials to doctors, patients, and the public. These amazing audio presentations will provide you with a wealth of knowledge for you and your patients. Every chiropractor on the planet should hear this information. It is life changing.

  • Genetics, Lifestyle and Health 2-CD set
  • The Science of Wellness 2-CD set
  • Dr. Chestnut Wellness Interviews CD
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The Truth About Genes: Dr James Chestnut and Dr Bruce Lipton Discuss Genetics, Lifestyle and Wellness

The Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well® Innate Lifestyle Program® is the first lifestyle program in history based on the New Science of Epigenetics - the science of matching lifestyle choices with our human genetic requirements for wellness and prevention.

Hear this layperson friendly conversation between Dr. James L. Chestnut and Dr. Bruce Lipton - two of the world's leading experts in the field of how our environment and lifestyle not only affect but CONTROL our genes. This is a MUST LISTEN for doctors, staff, and patients. This is a landmark interview answering what Dr. Chestnut has put forward as the two most important questions in the field of wellness: "Why are humans so sick?" and "What do we need to do to get and stay well?"


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Dr. Chestnut Wellness Interviews CD

A fantastic set of two interviews allowing Dr. Chestnut to explain the concepts of Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well® and chiropractic's role in wellness in patient friendly language. A fantastic cd to play in the office or to lend to patients.


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