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Research Review for Doctor and Staff: Dr. Chestnut’s Research Review

Quote Board, Study Methodology/Description, Study Results, Dr. Chestnut’s Scientific and Clinical Insights and ‘DR. CHESTNUT’S MAIN CLINICAL GEM’

Dr. Chestnut uses his scientific and educational expertise and clinical experience to explain research in ways that you can both understand and apply to your practice. Imagine having Dr. Chestnut explaining the evidence of chiropractic to you and your staff every month!

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Chiropractic Newsletter for Patients: CHIROPRACTIC & HEALTH - A Natural Connection

Quote Board, Key Points to Remember, and ‘WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU’

Dr. Chestnut uses his unmatched ability to take the evidence supporting chiropractic and make it both interesting and relevant to patients in a way that makes them understand and value chiropractic.

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Lifestyle Newsletter for Patients: Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® - Living The Innate Lifestyle

Quote Board, Key Points to Remember, and ‘WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU’

Dr. Chestnut uses his unique knowledge regarding lifestyle, genetic expression, and health to help patients understand the importance of lifestyle choice in determining their ability to genetically express their enormous innate potential for recovery, wellness, and prevention.

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Personalization: Newsletter editions intended for distribution to patients can be personalized with your logo and contact information.

Publication Schedule: Newsletter editions are released on the 1st of each month. An email will be sent to you, notifying you that the edition is available and how to access it.

Billing: You will be billed today for the Feb 01, 2021 edition of your subscription.

Monthly subscribers will be billed again starting Mar 01, 2021.

Annual subscribers will be billed again starting Feb 01, 2021.

Cancellation: You may cancel your subscription at any time. You will still have access to the archive of newsletter editions you have purchased.

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