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Dear Doctor:

To download and run the latest version of the TWP Program, please follow these instructions exactly.

**Note: If you have any custom presentations that you wish to keep using (ones you built yourself) make a copy of "The Wellness Practice" folder and rename it "Old Wellness Practice" then do the upgrade putting the new downloaded files in to "The Wellness Practice".

1) Type, or copy and paste, the following links into the address bar of your web browser and SAVE the file to the desktop or to an easy to access location:


2) Double click the downloaded file (a folder with a zipper on it) to open the folder.

3) This step is very important: you must copy and paste (or click and drag), all the contents (two files: TWP Slideshow 3.0 and builtin twp slideshows moving just the folder over does not work) of the downloaded folder into your "The_Wellness_Practice" folder on your desktop. Replace any files that are already there with the new ones.

4) To run the program, double click the latest "TWP Slideshow.exe" (with the highest version number).

If you are seeing demo messages on certain screens, that often time means:

A)  You are not running the program from the original TWP folder on your desktop where you should have placed your new downloaded files, or
B)  You did not purchase a particular program, or
C)  The incorrect dongle was sent to you mistakenly. Please confirm with Dr Chestnut that you have access to that program that is showing in demo mode.

If there are any issues please let me know or contact Visual Odyssey.

Visual Odyssey
800-541-4449 US


James L. Chestnut B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.
President - The Wellness Practice