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The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm

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The most easily understood, evidence-based, undeniable argument ever put forward regarding the indisputable facts that:

1. The era of addressing the effects of illness (symptoms and risk factors) has never worked, will never work, costs millions of lives, costs trillions of dollars, is destroying healthcare, and must come to an end.

2. The new evidence-based era of addressing the cause of illness (chronic lifestyle and environmental stressors) will save millions of lives, will save trillions of dollars, will save healthcare, and must begin.

Audio CD

This audio track is almost 2 hours long and will enhance the information in the book for those who have already read The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm and provide a good outline of the The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm for those who have not.

Please note - the audio is in the mp3 format and may not play on all cd players.

Workshop Presentation

This 61 page presentation is designed for delivery to the lay-public.

The workshop clearly outlines the problems with the current health-care model and the need for a new model for the 21st century.

After purchasing, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to downlaod the presentation.

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Receive GIFT DVD ($99 value):

  • Wellness Paradigm Public Health Talk DVD

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  • The Truth About Genes: Dr James Chestnut and Dr Bruce Lipton Discuss Genetics, Lifestyle and Wellness CD
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  • The Truth About Genes: Dr James Chestnut and Dr Bruce Lipton Discuss Genetics, Lifestyle and Wellness CD
  • Dr Chestnut Wellness Interviews CD


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What People Are Saying About The Wellness & Paradigm Prevention

Looks fabulous. Having read a few chapters before publication - please take my word; this book is the best ever written on the subject of health and prevention. I do not make this comment lightly. It is the best book on the subject ever written by anyone in the world. I am so proud to call Dr. Chestnut a colleague and a friend. This information will change the state of health worldwide, so read it now and suggest it to everyone you know.
Gilles Lamarche, DC

Before I ask my question, I want to say congratulations on the book - which I am quickly reading and thoroughly enjoying.  I am somewhat curious as to why you did not go through a major publisher so you could get the book out to a greater number of people (i.e. through Amazon etc)?...but I'm sure you have your reasons.  But from someone who has read most of the "major" books that look at anthropology/evolution/hunter-gatherers as a model/gold-standard for how we can achieve optimal human health/wellness (aka "paleo"lifestyle) - I can tell you that yours is hands-down the most thorough, well referenced, in-depth and comprehensive. People need this book!!
Nicholas Hall, DC

This book has the potential to do so much good for the world. I am proud to have you as a fellow chiropractor. Keep up the good work.
Joel Engler, DC

Tell James my patients love the book. They are "getting it" at another level now. I think just hearing (and reading) it from another source other than me makes it somehow more real. Kinda like your family doesn't take health advice from you, but if they hear the same thing from someone else, then it must be true! 
Cory Webb, DC, CCWP

One of the best books ever! Want to know how to get healthy and how to save our healthcare system? A must read.
Todd Molski, DC

James, Love the new book. Done cover to cover. AWESOME, you put the fundamentals in simple terms. Keep carrying the torch.
Anthony Bastecki, DC

I just finished your book yesterday. All I have to say is BRILLIANT! The way the book flows right through the information and blends all of your anecdotes and analogies from your talks was wonderful. I definitely found a few take away items - I've attached a picture of the book once I finished it! I can't thank you enough for putting this information out to the profession and the public in a way that makes sense, is backed by literature, and is life-changing! You have helped me personally in ways that I hope to share with you someday, and now I am able to help my patients and community in ways that were never possible for me prior to meeting you and going through your certification. Thank you for all you do for humanity and I'll see you soon.
Arron R. Kalis, DC, CCWP

I was at the Nebraska convention. It was the first time that I have heard you lecture, but definitely not the last. I read the first 3 chapters of your book last night... Very thought provoking.. I have already recommended it to everyone I know.
Justin M. Steinhauser, DC

As we have been on vacation this past week, I just wanted to let you know I read the book cover-to-cover. I actually had a hard time putting it down!
Michelle, Chiropractic Assistant